An Essential Guide to Mixing Up Tea and Food

Tea is a beverage that is dearly loved all over the world. The classic taste and aroma of a cup of tea make it truly quite irresistible. While many prefer to have tea as a morning beverage, some prefer to pair it with their meal times to enjoy a sensational combination of flavours. As tea is a beverage that has an incredible variety of tastes and textures, there are plenty of ways to pair it with your food. All types of teas are not suitable to be mixed with standard dishes, so one must really learn about the distinctive tastes of each variety before pairing it with food.

  1. White tea

White tea is the mildest variety of tea and so, you should pair it with dishes that are mildly flavoured too. If you pair white tea with a spicy steak, for instance, your taste buds will not be able to capture the delicate flavour of the tea. White tea is, therefore, a perfect accompaniment to plain vegetable salads which are served without dressing.

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  1. Green tea

Green tea is a super beverage that has become incredibly popular all over the world. Green tea has three distinctive flavours namely, vegetal green teas, smoky teas and fruity green teas. Vegetal green teas are perfect to be paired with seafood dishes and smoky green teas go well with fried meats and stir fries. Attempting to pair smoky green teas with sweet dishes will be a bad idea. Fruity green teas are ideal accompaniments for meat dishes, fruit salads and sandwiches.

  1. Oolong tea

As oolong teas have a complex aroma, it is a more versatile option. The light oolong teas pair exceptionally well with seafood dishes as well as lightly salted crackers. The dark oolong teas are generally served with strongly flavoured meals like roasted meats and sweet delicacies like maple syrup pancakes.

  1. Black tea

Black tea truly takes tea gastronomy to a whole new level with its incredible taste and aroma! Since this type of tea is quite strong you can easily pair it with full flavoured foods. The fruity black teas go very well with sweets and desserts while the smoky black teas enhance the taste of dark meat and even sweet chocolate! Earthy black teas are perfect to be paired with blackened meat and mashed potatoes.