Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper Packaging – The Baker’s Choice

Precise packaging is an essential element of any foodservice business.  You need to use the right packaging to keep the food safe, fresh, hygienic and secured as possible. This is why you must make use of custom printed greaseproof paper packaging to pack your foods.

Why is Greaseproof Paper the baker’s choice? 

As the name suggests, the greaseproof paper is non-absorbent in nature, which helps prevent the leakage of grease or oil. The greaseproof paper is made from VIRGIN reels, so it is hygienic and cost effective. Moreover, it does not cause any spills, keeps the food fresh, and can withstand any extreme temperatures. Hence, it has become the baker’s favourite to wrap up hotdogs, chips or any take away fast foods.

Here are a few other reasons to like greaseproof paper–

  • Brand awareness – In this competitive world, it is essential for your baking business to stand out from your competitors. For this, you need to promote your brand and try to hold a place in your customer’s mind. When you use custom printed greaseproof paper packages, it will not only augment your brand’s exposure, but also add value to the food when presented in a beautiful and hygienic package. So be smart, and take advantage of the silent, yet strong advertisement tool, and create engagement with your customers. You can be creative by adding your latest special menus or the launch of any new products on the printed greaseproof paper.
  • Food won’t run through or stick – When you use the greaseproof paper in the kitchen, you don’t have to worry about looking for baking paper, cooking sprays or using additional butter. The cakes, cookies or the bars can glide through the tray without any hassle.
  • Your baking trays get an extended life – When you use greaseproof paper on the trays, there won’t be any burnt bits, means you don’t have to scrub your baking tray so hard, consecutively improving on its life.
  • The food stuffs can be lifted with ease – One of the reasons on why the greaseproof paper is preferred by the bakers is, the entire sheet can be directly taken from the tray by holding it firm and then transferred to the counters. So, you don’t have to look for other devises to lift out of the pan /tray.

Once when you start using greaseproof paper in the kitchen, you will find endless uses for it. You can use them as icing cones for cakes, in the butter rolls etc., the uses are abundant.

Hopefully, this article has made it easier for bakers to understand the varied uses of greaseproof paper. If you are a baker, you can now check out the wholesale packaging supplies, to choose the best packaging products according to your needs and budget.