Greaseproof Paper and Baking Paper – Here is what you should know

Food Industry is one of the toughest markets to establish and prosper in. There are so many variables which can affect the business. To be successful, businesses should provide consistent, high-quality foods and also ensure the security of their products. Preparation and advertising of foodstuff involve the usage of different packaging products.

Greaseproof paper:

Greaseproof papers are becoming increasingly popular among food Industries. These papers are impermeable to grease or oil and are typically used in food packaging industries. Normally, these papers are produced by refining paper stock creating a sheet with very low porosity. These sheets are supercalendered to improve further the density creating a paper called glassine. The glassine is further treated and size pressed to fill pores making it fat repellent. Greaseproof papers are used commonly for wrapping fatty foodstuffs. You can also use printed greaseproof paper to promote your brand while you serve your guests.

Baking paper:

Baking papers are heat resistant. Besides being used for lining baking sheets and cake pans, baking papers can also be used for a range of tasks, from steaming fish to foreign ingredients. Baking papers as they are treated with silicone it is non-sticky. These sheets are heat proof as well as grease resistant.

It aids cleanup, protects span and prevents food from sticking. You can use it for baking fish or chicken for low-fat cooking methods.

Here are some reasons to use baking papers:


Not all baking sheet are equal. Baking papers create a thin layer between the paper and the sheet helping regulate the temperature and neutralise hotspots.

Reduce undesirable spreading:

There could be nothing worse than a flat, greasy looking cookie. Baking papers offer the cookie dough something to hold onto. As a result, you will get fuller cookies which do not spread much. When cookies are thick, they will be softer in the middle as well.

Eliminate stickiness:

Cakes made on cakes pans lined with baking paper will slip easily out of the pan without clinging to its bottom. Cookies baked on the greaseproof paper slide right off the sheets without sticking.

Help clean cutting:

Have you ever wondered why bars and brownies in photographs look so perfect, but yours are messy or squashed around the edges?

When you line your pans with baking paper before baking, it becomes easy to lift the entire sheet off trays and out of the pan by holding the edges of the paper. This helps straight cuts without the sides of the pan getting in the way.

So, the answer to the question, is baking paper really necessary for baking? Yes, undoubtedly if you are looking for the best baking results. Baking papers promote baking and making clean up easy.

Hope now you have got a good idea about greaseproof papers and baking papers. Choose what serves your purpose right with the best wholesale packaging supplies.