The Convenient Bags That Everyone Love to Have: Coffee Bags

Tired of brewing coffee? Want an instant cup of coffee at work or at nights? Thinking of drinking coffee wherever you want with just a cup of warm water available to you? The answers to all your wishes can be found in a simple coffee bags. The best alternative to instant coffee with the right measurement is a coffee bag. Let us have a short tour of coffee bags.

The Magical Bag of Coffee

A coffee bag is a small bag which is heat-sealed containing 7-9 grams of roasted and grounded coffee. It is just like a tea bag. All the ingredients you need to brew a coffee bag will be a mug of hot water, the bag itself and a few minutes’ patience. Coffee bags are generally made up of perforated paper which is soft woven fabric. The coffee bags are moisture-resistant and nitrogen filled so that no oxygen enters the bag and the granules remain fresh. Coffee bags come in different shapes to make it convenient for us to keep and handle.

Why Choose Coffee Bags?

Why do we need coffee bags when we can brew coffee in hot boiling water? Here are the perks of having coffee bags:

  • You can carry the coffee bag anywhere
  • Lesser ingredients needed for brewing coffee
  • The wide range of coffee tastes available
  • No need for any coffee machine
  • The coffee amount in the bag is just perfect for one cup of coffee, giving you perfect taste and aroma

Brewing Coffee Within Minutes

Brewing coffee using coffee bags is very easy and convenient. There is no need for crushing the Arabica coffee beans, measuring coffee, using coffee machines or utensils, or cleaning the mess post drinking. Just put a coffee bag into a mug, add fresh boiling water, allow it to brew for 2-5 minutes, squeeze the coffee bag and dispose of the coffee bag. Your rejuvenating coffee is ready in minutes.

The Coffee Bag that Suits you the Most

The coffee in the coffee bag is of varied taste and strength. Like the Lyons, No4 coffee gives you Italian style coffee with strong taste, whereas Lyon No2 coffee bag gives you sweeter and mild coffee. Several other coffee bag variants are espresso, Arabica, coffee pods, Italian, ground coffee and many others.

Coffee Bags for Groups

Several universities provide the facility for coffee for their teaching and non-teaching staff. Organizations give coffee breaks to their employees, hotels provide 24/7 coffee availability to their customers. These requirements can be fulfilled by buying wholesale coffee bags and placing them at the required places. So the staff, employees and customers can easily have fresh coffee any time they want without wasting a lot of time and effort. These packs of coffee bags are also cost-effective as compared to individual coffee bags.

Look out for the following points while buying a coffee bag:

  • The brand of the coffee and the supplier
  • The country where the coffee is grown (It gives the idea of the taste of the coffee)
  • Whether the coffee is ground or whole bean
  • The size of the bag and date of roasting
  • Notes about the flavor and usage

Happy Brewing!